Design · Engineering · Manufacturing · Quality Control System

Our Strengths

We have immense strength and capability in Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality control system. Currently we develop and manufacture products that take advantage of our core technology areas. We also provide maintenance services for the products we manufacture and existing products in Locomotives that are similar to our product portfolio. Below are few examples:

Electrical and Power Electronics Systems

High power and frequency power modules and amplifiers and converters, high frequency operation circuits.

System Controllers

Digital signals controllers, Analog Controllers, Servo Controlled Electronics analog filters.

Industrial Automation

Monitoring systems , Instrumentation products like loop sensors, Control Algorithm design & validation, interface Modules.

Radio frequency

Transmitter module, Receiver module, Transceiver module, System on a chip module.

Radio Frequency Modulation

: Host Microcontroller Interface, RF signal modulation, Wireless Protocols used in RF Modules.


Design of CAD, CAM, Precision components with cutting edge technology.

Our Mission

  • Deliver locomotive products for the railway rolling stock sectors to help them achieve ROI over and above existing pricing and quality.
  • To achieve excellence and customer satisfaction in servicing of locomotive spares.
  • Our Vision

  • To achieve customer satisfaction through excellence in design, supply chain management, manufacturing and Service solutions.
  • To export reliable and cost effective locomotive replacement parts.
  • Our Values

  • Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Technology Focus
  • Integrity
  • Result Oriented